[URGENT HELP NEEDED] Switching from Legacy Pro to Professional Plan

Hi guys,

I haven’t been active on Adalo news so the plan change is a sudden shock to me.

I’ve been on the Legacy Pro ($468) annual plan; it was renewed in May 21st this year. Now that I have to change plans, I have to go with the Professional plan to maintain my native apps for $624.

However, when I proceed to checkout, I’m told to pay the full $624. I should only be paying for the remainder of my billing cycle, or 624-468. What’s going on here and how do I make sure I’m paying the right amount?

No response from Adalo support email.

I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

Pricing issues should be directed to Adalo, nothing we can do here in the forum. Did you send adalo an email or did you submit a support ticket? It’s important that you submit a ticket, not an email.

If you sent an email, I would advise you to submit a support ticket instead.

Problem solved.

I have the same problem yet

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