Why was I charged $350 for adalo this month?

There isn’t even an adalo plan for $350 so how is this my monthly fee???

Even on the new plan, I shouldn’t be at $350.


Business Plan

$200.00 per month

Your plan renews on September 19, 2022.


Aug 19, 2022
$347.11 Paid Business Plan

Sent in a support ticket.

Hi @Adalotaco,

Wow 70% more than expected. It is very worrying not to know how much you will pay at the end of the month with this new system of charging for actions performed in the Apps.

How many actions did your Apps triggered on August?

You are a legacy user right? So no extraneous charges until July 2023?

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It is true, it was said that users with a paid plan contracted before July would have a 12 month grace period.

@Adalotaco Hopefully it is just a mistake and everything will be solved.

Storage GB overage?

Where did it say ‘contracted before july’? Having been a pro user, I switched from Pro to Business in the middle of July because I was worried they were going to charge me overage.

If the upgrade voided the 12 month grace period, without being told - after they pushed everyone so hard for upgrades to ‘lock in the current plan’, that’s going to be very upsetting.

My app had 109,000 actions in July

UGH Does Adalo still not have any kind of support on the weekends? Is that still the case? So I might not hear back until Monday or later?
Less than ideal.

I have no idea what is going on with billing at this point.
Hopefully I get clear communication on whether my account is considered ‘legacy’ or not.

Well I think it only fair that you are given the option to go back to your previous contract.

Let us know after you get an answer to your ticket.

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@Adalotaco You can check the 12 months period at the bottom of the very first comment of the link.

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If you review this statement: Revised Pricing Plans
It went into effect as of July 27th

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Clarification for Current Paying Customers
Before jumping into your latest round of feedback and our revisions based on it, I wanted to quickly clarify the timing of this for those of you that are currently paying customers, as I think there was maybe a little confusion in the previous messaging. For those of you who are on a paid plan today — regardless of whether that is a monthly plan or an annual plan — you’ll be able to stay on that plan until July of 2023.

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Good ol Adalo

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If you upgraded your plan before the new pricing structure went into effect, you should be granted legacy billing. Given that your plan costs $200/month and you’re paying monthly suggests you are, in fact, on the legacy plan. Which then means Adalo’s billing system is muffed up or they just stole your money intentionally.

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I never got a response to my support ticket lol

I did get a response about two hours ago!

While I’m not 100% clear on how this math worked out entirely, the explanation is that because I upgraded/downgraded within the month (for a day, and then permanently), the invoicing system calculated this as the correct charge. It was when Adalo was changing their pricing and wasn’t clear on things so I kept going back and forth about ‘well, should I upgrade or is this not happening or is it?..’

I asked for clarification on my future billing. And I asked for clarity on if I’m still considered ‘legacy’ pricing.

I’m not sure how this calculated out to $350 but honestly, the invoicing is confusing so - I don’t know. I guess just a note of caution if you’re considering upgrading/downgrading that your renewal is not going to end up the plan cost on the renewal date - it can get really confusing.

At least I got a response eventually.
Thought I would update everyone.


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