Use 2 databases to share

I have 2 databases (product and estimate). I linked Product at my estimate database and I want to share at the end (to whatsapp) the product list of the current estimate also the total and discount to my final client, but my problem is, I can’t get the product list, only the sum and the other information. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? Pics below.

How did you set up the relationship?

“A product can have many estimates and an estimate belongs to one product” ?

Hey @anon78309838 Thanks for your attention. The relationship is multiple to multiple, because every estimate has new products, they are not repeated. But the case is when I create the share button I can´t get the List of current product of this etimate to share.

  • I tried to create a butom and make this a list (didn’t work)
  • I tried to create a column and save each new product in this column as text, but as I need many or sometimes only 1 product if I don’t type all the inputs it doesn’t save.
  • I tryed many things and still stucked.

I’m a bit struggling to visualise this issue in my head. Would you be able to make a short video explaining and running through this issue?

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