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Hi! I am building an app in Portuguese to share budgets, for small business, but I am in a middle of a problem. I need to be able to share a list with all products of the current budget, but I am only getting the form input to share. No list, no form input transformed in a list, nothing, only form input. Can anyone help me on that, it’s the only thing missing to publish the app.

Hello, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I do not understand your question. Could you try rephrasing it? Perhaps add some screenshots of your setup and desired results.

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Hi @Colin, thank you for your attention! Please find below some screenshots and I´ll try to explain it better.
I have 2 mais databases, (PRODUTO) I create to save products and the other (ORCAMENTOS) to save the budgets.

Here We create the Budget, when we enter the product and the value at the first fields, it appears in the list below, and you can have several products in the same budget. The other fields are total, discount and etc …

What i need is that when the person clicks the (enviar) share button in addition to the values, the list of products in this budget appears, either in image format as a print or listed as writing.

I am sorry for the pressure, but I am in a hurry to answer, if there is no possibility I will have to start over on another platform.

I’m not sure I fully understand the question still. I have no context to work from here.

It sounds as though you are needing to display the “current” data (although I’m not sure which). This means that you would probably need to make that button a list and filter it down to a single item. That way you can send the current data while clicking that button.

Hi, I am sorry to not be good to explain it. Let me try again.
As you can see at the second screenshot, I insert a product name and price at the first and second input. When I hit +ADD button this product and prices goes to the list below. At the end, It make the sum of product, I can insert the delivery tax and also give a discount. At the end I can save this info, and display another list in other screen, or I need to be able to share all this info thru whatsapp.
My problem is, when I click at the configuration to make the send button work I am able to send all the input information (sums, discount, delivery) but no the list with products and prices. And I need to send everything to the client at the end.

@Colin The question is, how do I do it?

I think I got what you said, but at the same time I think I did something wrong with my BD.

As you can see The product column does not appear, I add the column as Relationship. I don’t know if was it or not, could you help me out?

Hi guys I still need help in this topic. Can anyone tell me if it is possible or not?

Hey @Colin or someone else please help me here to finish that app. Please :pray::pray:

@Carol sorry for the late reply. Did you manage to resolve this problem?

nope!!! My app has stoped because I can´t figure out how to share this list.

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