Use custom Image in Tab Bar

Hello can I use my custom Image in Tab Bar ?
Or it’s possible create a custom TaskBar ?

Va bene @arena.luigi ?
Create a new APP
select DIRECTORY Sample
it’s using Image in App bar…
you can install this App beside your own to check it better, no problem

Sorry, I meant in Tab Bar use an icon custom.

hmm…maybe limited …for now
support the request…
[](http://asking for custom icons)

ok I support this request…

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You can create your own tab bar. It’s a bit more work, but you can use a rectangle component and image components to set it up. You’ll need two color ways for your images so that you can have one for active and one not. Then you’ll also need to put links on them individually based on where they are directed to.

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Yes you are right but not if it will display correctly on all devices.

Make sure to select fixed under the options for the grouped bar to the top or bottom as needed.

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