How do I place an item on the app bar?

I’m trying to put an image (current user profile photo) on the app bar, like you see on many apps.

No matter what I do, the image always seems to slide under the app bar. I’ve tried using “arrange” to bring it to the front, but I can’t make it show. But I can drag it off the app bar and see it perfectly (as long as it’s anywhere else on the screen).

Can anybody help?

Can you place the image on it, then select both the image and app bar and make them a group?

That might work.

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And set the fixed type going to the Edit Styles of that group to Top.


Yes, that too :slight_smile: Forgot to mention that part haha.

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Another thing you can do is create a custom dashbar yourself. Then build on top of it, group them all together, assign Top or Bottom, copy / paste that bar in the app everywhere.

This is a rectangle, with 5 images on top of it, 2 rectangles behind the + button. Controlled with shadows and rounded corners.


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