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Hi fellow Adalo users. This is my first day using Adalo and I have built my very first pretty simple app using Adalo in one day so please forgive me if I ask pretty simple questions. Here are my two issues: 1. When my test user logs in, it doesnt show the user’s lead data that it should show. The results are blank. I have changed it to All Leads just to see if would show any data and that did work, it showed every test user, everybody’s lead data. Any suggestions on the resolve for this? Screenshot.attached.
2.I would like to have a calculation of the total number of leads that the user has; however, I probably didnt set it up right because that shows 0 or maybe it will fix when I can fix the per user leads issue in number one. Screenshot attached.
3. I would like the user to be able to download their lead information. Can someone share how to do this?

Thank you for all of your help.

You haven’t attached any screenshots

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How you linked users and leads? With a relationship right? In the relationship for each lead does a user has been added? Any screenshots or a video of your setup as @Eddie11255 mentioned would be great to identify the issue here!

Thank you

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