DataBase not Showing

Hello guys, currently my data aren’t showing or make changes like true and false for payments, and my clients could not acess the app.

Any thoughs on that?

So, as soon i write it appears.

There are currently issues with the servers being overloaded or else, the team at Adalo is aware and currently on the fix.

Do you guys know when this is going to be fixed?

I don’t work at Adalo :sweat_smile:, but I’m sure the support team should be here soon with answers.

Okay, sorry I was just asking if you guys had any information

No worries @rachael, at this stage were all guessing the issue, but it seems mostly that the cluster is overloaded, hopefully we will get an official reply soon.

@Devops was right. Our server clusters were overloaded. These server issues over the course of the last few days may have interrupted certain features of Adalo and cause them not to function correctly.

These issues are now resolved and I would urge you to retest this function in Adalo to see if you still experience any issues with it.

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