User Database where only I can add new users

  • I haven’t got my subscription yet, trying to do as much in free mode before starting it, wondering once app is loaded on to PlayStore or AppStore, can you edit the database from Adalo, or do you need an admin login built in to the app, with your own modify page(s)?

Question: … In my app I want normal app users not to login, but just browse, but businesses to have a login to edit their profiles, the businesses will pay me for advertising outside of the app (invoicing) and I will manually create their logins. ← workable?

Many thanks,

Hi Matthew,

Yes database can be edited on the Adalo editor after publishing, no problem.

Also, you can have login for just business users, and create their login yourself on the database.

All workable.


Great thank you. That was the assumption I was working with, and I was worried it could of been wrong! :sweat_smile:

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