Adalo Database - Is it stored in the app storage or accessed through API?


I am new to Adalo, and have figured it out a bit, and am really impressed with it.

I just had a query about the Adalo Database before I start working properly with Adalo for a project, and it would be great if anyone could help.

I am using Airtable for content database, but for user login/signup, I am planning to use the Adalo Database. Airtable is accessed through external API, so that pulls data on the fly. But what about the Adalo Database, especially once the apps are uploaded to play store and app store. A few scenarios, for example:

  1. The user data is stored in the Adalo database when a user signs up on the live app.

  2. If I edit the project file that I have, and I upload a new version of the app on the play store/app store, will the users who have signed up on the live app prior to this be able to login after downloading the new version of the app?

I think what I am trying to ask is if the user data is stored in the device/app storage itself, or in Adalo (Cloud?)?

Apologies if it’s too basic a question. Primarily a designer, and am just getting into the No-Code env.

Thanks a lot.

Hey @Vita.charis, welcome to the community :sunglasses:

  1. It’s all stored in the Adalo database, so an internet connection is required to perform all actions (including logging in and signing up). The data is not stored on the user’s device.
  2. Users will still be able to log in just fine after updated versions of the app have been uploaded.

Thanks a lot for clarifying. It is a big help.

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