User defined timer & notification


I need to add functionality exactly like the Timer component of a Clock app. I need for the user to be able to set their own amount of time. It will typically be 30 minutes or an hour, but could vary. At the end of the time, I need for an alarm to sound on their device. This will make or break my app. Any suggestions on how to do this?

Hey @Radyes,

It’ll be quite difficult to achieve this on Adalo alone.
There is a Countdown timer component which can count down the time for a certain number of seconds and then launch the action. But when the phone turns off the screen, countdown timer won’t launch the action until you “wake up” the phone, unlock screen and reopen the app.
So you will need another component which will keep the phone awake (I believe @njimmy10 sells it on his website

Even with this component, there is an additional question on what happens with the app / timer when you switch to another app on your phone. I believe your app should switch to “background mode”, but this is not supported in Adalo (and I am not sure if any custom component exists for that).

Best regards, Victor.


As Victor mentioned, this is not the absolute solution, you’d need a new step,

Let me know if you’re interested, we could arrange something together to make your app works.