Add a time clock

So I’m trying to add a clock which goes down by itself. So basically I want it so it starts counting down. So I want it to count down the days until August 14, 2024. So basically it writes something like this.

Is it possible? (it doesn’t need to do the seconds but if it can…I’d love it)

Hi Coolswager,

There are 2 components in the marketplace for this.

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Thank you for helping me out once again!! I appreciate it a lot


How can this component continue count down until August 14, 2024 when the app is closed? I believe this only works as long as the app is active. No?

It should just reload and calculate the time before the date whenever you open the app again.

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It does but sometimes I have to reload the app a few times for it to count on the app because it freezes sometimes

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