User Security / Forcing Users Out?

I have a security related question about users and offline data. Let’s say that I have a user who has downloaded and installed my app. They have been assigned a user/pass and have offline data on their device.

Then, [insert reason here], they need to be removed from the app and their user has been removed.

I’m assuming that their device will have them logged in and that they could still see data until their session times out? Not sure exactly how this works.

Is there a way to kick out users?

I think that when you remove that particular user from your database, maybe the user will be still logged in. But whenever he tries to do something that has something to do with “Current Logged in User” logic, I think the app will be hang up or something, since “Current Logged In user” is no longer exist.

For example if the user update his profile or something.

Maybe you just can try it in with the previewer and report it here how was the result?

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I’ve read that Adalo does not support offline so far.
so If the user becomes offline than as soon as he reconnect to the “wifi” and is log-in, he would be rejected since his profile is not anymore accepted, As for the data that is in his “live memory” you can’t take that out as long as he does not change screen or quit the App. …merely usable beside that he can take a capture of the loaded screen(s).
it would be unlikely that you d want to remove a user - just when he happened to be loged-in, that same day, same time…
search for Time session duration if that is a real concern then…