Users get logged out automatically

I have 3 apps under the same main domain:,

Every time users are trying to use the app they get logged out automatically. Is there a way to solve it? The main home screen is not the login screen, it’s a screen inside the app.

It shouldn’t matter where the homescreen is.

I just tested 2 of your apps from your custom domains and was able to create an account and then refresh the page and still be logged in.

Would you be able to collect some further technical info from your users that are experiencing this? What browser and operating system they are using.

thanks @Colin: They all use iOS. To recreate this: you open the app -> shut down the app (press twice home screen and swipe up) -> open app: the user got logged out.

Thanks. I have sent this to the team to fix.

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it works when uninstalling and reinstalling the bookmark

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