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I have published an app where user needs to login. The users are automatically logged out from the app after some time. Is there any way of preventing the automatic logout? Users do not remeber their passwords and the app usage goes down.

Can you tell how many users this happened too. According to me this shouldnt happen unless the users delete cache on the mobile

@Colin what do you think?

This is really hard to tell at the moment. I have got three comments now. This happened to me as well so I started looking into it.

Are you seeing this in PWA, iOS or Android apps?

Not on PWA. Only IOS and Android.

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This,seems to be true. I was logged out again today and I have nót cleared my casche. Doe anyone have any ideos how to start investigatingnthe cause?

I’m thinking this one might be some thing to submit to Adalo support. https://info.adalo.com/submit-a-support-ticket

For the users who forget their passwords (and have poor password management skills :smile: ) It might be worth adding the Login with Google/Apple links that Adalo has now. That should help a lot of mobile users.

I’ll have to try sometime to see how the PW saving works in app on iOS/Android, have not tried that myself for a long time. When you do a login from iOS is it not prompting you to save the password?

Thanks Tony, I’ll create a ticket. I do not get any PW save prompts. Not for IOS, Android or PWA.

OK, make sure you let them know that… To me is should be recognizing that there is a PW field there and prompting to save and to fill from saved.

Hi all, this was a simple thing to fix. I had a wrong Home Screen.

So you had built two home screens or login screens and some users were using one? So now password save prompts are showing up etc?

This is the reply I got. Clearly my own sloppiness.

The reason it appears that your users are logged out is because on your Signup Screen you will see that there are two icons next to the screen name. You want the home icon to be on the screen in which you want the logged in users to land on. The account looking icon signifies the screen that a non-logged in user lands on. You can move the Home icon by clicking on the screen you want it to go on and then on the left slider at the top there will be a pencil and you’ll click that and change the screen navigation.

Fixing this will allow your logged in users (who have already gone through the sign up process) to land on the screen you choose in the app.

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