Users needs strong passwords...Right?

Please please upvote this so we can have users create strong passwords. My beta tester literally used ‘1234’ as his password today and good thing this is just a beta release and not a public release. If anyone knows a work around for these then please let me know!

Please also upvote this one so usernames aren’t ridiculously long? I’m sure this would work in other places.

Done! Upvoted both…

Just so you are aware, both of these can actually already be achieved right now through some other logic.

For passwords you can use conditional actions to check against a list of characters and if the input does not contain one of those characters, to direct to another screen that displays an error that one of those characters was not used.

For usernames, you can build the form from scratch using input fields, where you can set the character limit allowed for that input.

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