Users ranking other users

Hi - I am trying to make it so that other users can rank other users and only see that ranking themselves - this would not be shared.

So User A ranks user B as #2, but User C ranks user B as #4. This is about each user having their own personal preference about another user.

Do I need to create a separate database for each user and then link to every single other user to make this work? Or if I make it so that there exists a rank #1 that each user then fills with another user name? And how to let each user assign these?

No need to create 2 collections of users, you can only use the main users database collection. And create a relationship between users.

Thanks! But that relationship - how to make that represented as a count? Or just make columns for “Rank 1” “Rank 2” “Rank 3” Rank 4" etc and then have the user assign one value to that?

Hi @JKardo ,

Check this cloneable app,
Users Ranked by Users (

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