Users to video call each other

With Garlik, users can video call each other
I’m currently using it in my own applications and it’s really a feature you should add because it’s great



Where is the information on pricing once you want to go live?

I see that it has “Unlimited Early Access” with no information on future pricing. I’m worried about creating an app that is reliant on this component, then when pricing has been announced/early access ends, I may be left being forced to scrapping the app if I don’t agree with the eventual pricing.

Any extra info that I’m missing?


@Applicationspeciali - thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

@Briggsy - at this point we’re fairly confident that pricing will remain steady at $39/mo + $0.005/participant/minute (with the first 2,800 participant minutes included at no additional charge).

Development plans will likely remain free with a limit on participant minute consumption/month.

Also, as a general FYI—soon we expect to release this to the public Adalo Marketplace.


no need for thanks because you are a company that deserves to be shared and you are doing great work. It is our duty to recommend you to everyone in exchange for a good service :relaxed: :relaxed:

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Thanks for the reply and good luck with your fantastic component!

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