Video call : service discontinued


I made an application based on video calls, however, I just realized that (present in the adalo components marketplace) had stopped their services on adalo.

Moreover, we can’t even access their site anymore, we only get a message indicating why they withdrew from Adalo and why they decided to stop their services.

So my question today is : do you know an alternative to make video calls on adalo? if anyone can advise me.

Thank you in advance!


Welcome to the community @todocrea

There is not currently another option available for video calls as far as I know.

I am discussing this feature request with a couple of component developers at the moment but I do not have a timeline, nor do I know if it’s even possible yet.

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Hello @Flawless, Thanks for the answer.

After having done some research on my side, this is also what I found. I hope then that the developers can find a solution, it would be really useful for me!

Thanks again !!

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