Using custom made time slots with calender

Hi all,

I’m making a system where users make requests for a tour. So they enter: date, time from and to, number of people etc. The requests then goes to guides for them to accept.

I used the date picker with the date only option because i had created a ‘time’ collection because i want the times to have 30 minute increments. The ‘date and time picker’ does not give the option to have the time in any increments.

On the guides screen, they can view the upcoming tours. i have introduced a calendar so they can see their tours on it.

This is where i’m having the issue:
I am able to get the tours on the calendar because i used the ‘date picker’ but not able to filter it with the times as i had used my own timeslots.

Could anyone tell me if its possible to link my own custom time slots to the calendar?


Thanks in advance

I didn’t work with timeslots recently to give you a quick answer, but I remember this video from victor a while back which may be helpful to you:


Thanks for the reply.
I have already seen his video but its not what i’m looking for.
Victor uses the date and time picker but i can’t use that because i want


I can use that because i want the times to be in 30mins increments. This then needs to be transferred to a calender.

I can’t* use that

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