Using time and day for Opening hours

Hello friends!

I´m trying to put opening hours in my app. I want to set the opening hours so when a user orders something outside the opening hours, it should be denied or choose to put the order on hold until opening.

I have checked the ordering template but it looks like the data fields are only used for displaying the opening hours and not used in a function.

I tried the date & time picker, but couldnt set only time. It is together with date. (also only PM/AM. There is an 24H clock support idea already, would be great for all of us in EU)

Looking for a way to have different opening hours on different week days, connected to functions.

Any ideas how this can be done?



this is one of my biggest frustrations, the only solution is to be able to set the time alone, other than that, maybe set the closing date far in the future (2099) till there is a more effective solution. that should solve it temporarily, but doesn’t make sense.

I’d also appreciate a different method.


Hi, I have your same problem. But did you manage to solve in any way?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi, not yet solved. I will try some more with a work around.

I think this is currently in plan :

A property of time only without date.

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Maybe this thread can help: Activate the purchasing services according to the opening hours: morning and afternoon