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Hello people.
I need help with an “hour” database with no date.

Does anyone know how it is possible, today we have a date and time, and only date.
I need only “hour”.

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See: How to calculate with days and minutes

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Thanks for your attention.
I researched it before, and found this publication you sent me, I tried to apply it, but it didn’t work.

I am creating a scheduling application, for various types of services, from barber shops, to medical appointments, various segments.

The routine I’m trying to apply is as follows:

User registers the company> chooses the days of operation (I created a collection with all the days of the year, which will serve as a basis for all the companies), then the user registers the times the company will work (that’s my problem, you will understand in the explanation below)

After that, the user “employee” of the company comes, he will choose the days and times that the company has made available, that is, if the company selected every day in August, the employees will be able to choose the days within that period to work.

With the choice of time, this is difficult to solve in my case.
This time must be universal within the application for all companies. That is.
The company chooses the days it will work and the time.
Then the employee of that company, chooses the days and times within which the company chose / made available before.

However, if the following situation occurs: A customer schedules the time 10: 00h PM on the 7th of August, with the employee / user “Bill”, as I block that same time on the 8th of August, or any other day later, whether the schedule is “universal” for all companies / employees.

Even if I create a universal calendar as follows, Example:
Day / month / year - 7:00 am
Day / month / year - 7:15 am
And so on until you complete an entire year.
Some problems will occur:
1st The collection will be able to slow the application due to the amount of lines needed for this.
2nd Even so I would not be able to block the date and time for an employee of company “X” who received an appointment, and leave that same time free for employees of company Y ".

The new function launched by Adalo, does not work for the way I want.

I want something like the “Bookys app”.

@CNST I would not go for a big prepared calendar you have to maintain regularly.

  1. Each company should have a pattern of working hours/shifts based on weekdays.
    For work with weekdays see: How to derive weekdays from a date
  2. Each company has a holiday calendar (public holidays etc.).
  3. During the operating hours (standard working days and opening hours except holidays) a company has one or many shifts. (=> Closed during lunch break)
  4. Each shift has one or many employees assigned.
  5. A shift can have multiple slots/session to be booked.
  6. A customer can book a session in a certain time slot with an available employee.

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