Using Wix external collections to display Adalo collection data

Has anyone successfully gotten this working? I’m attempting to use Wix’s External Database Collections to expose items in an Adalo collection as individual web pages on a Wix site.

I’m having difficulty creating the external collection in the Wix editor though. These are the steps I’ve done:

  1. Go to the API docs for the collection in Adalo

  2. Grab the endpoint link + the Authorization / Content type vars

  3. Go into the Wix editor, enable Dev mode, add External Collections

  4. Paste in the endpoint URL and add the Authorization and Content-Type params as JSON.

Unfortunately I get this error when I do that:

That’s not a very descriptive error message “fails provision request.”

I’m able to hit the same endpoint just fine with Postman so I know it’s at least exposing it properly from the Adalo side:

My thought is it’s something related to Adalo needing to receive the Authorization and Content-Type params as Header variables instead of JSON but Wix AFAIK doesn’t give the ability to send Headers. Curious if anyone has made this work. Would be very useful in absence of the Friendly URL capability in Adalo web apps to be able to expose collection items as web pages. TIA

cc @mauricelogic @Tommen @Alice

Just posting a followup here on this… I just saw the following ad from Wix and will be cancelling my account with them and moving this site to WordPress:

Accordingly that means I don’t need to worry about external collections in Wix and will be looking for a way from within WordPress to display items from an Adalo collection either as custom posts or preferably pulled in real-time with a caching option. This plugin looks promising for that. I’ll report back after I’ve made the migration and taken a stab at this.

Despicable advertising from Wix. Vote with your wallet.

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Hi @grid7,
WIX is for Non-Non-non-non developers :D, WordPress and/or Webflow are good solutions.
I am actually a WordPress developer and made a plugin that creates custom post types via external sources. Let me know when your WordPress site is up and running and I can give you a Beta access for you to test the plugin. I did make real time CPT creation but that can be developed. My website with a live demo is almost ready.

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