Validate an input

Can anyone help ?

  1. I have a Collection - serials, storing all the serial numbers.

  2. I want user to input a serial number in one page, so that it is compared to the records in the collection. If it exists, it is valid and the serial is marked as “unlocked” (I have another Collection - unlocked serials. If not, it is invalid and prompt user to input again.

  3. It is unlike search feature, the serial number list should not be exposed.

Thanks to advise.

I’m not totally understanding you.

You say you want the user to input the serial to search against the serial numbers database, but then you also say you do not want them to search.

I meant user can input the serial, it is to match if it exists in the collection.

And what does the user see if it matches or doesnt match?

May be two different messages or two different pages/modals

When the user hits the action element, you can define which action happens depending on if there’s a match or not.

If it matches, take the user to screen A.
If there’s no match, take the user to screen B.

You can also use modals in this case.

If it matches, show modal A.
If there’s no match, show modal B.

I hope that helps.

Thank you @charleshope
I can use list component to show if there is any serial hits, so that it returns a record. If there is no hit, it returns empty. No action I can add to if ‘empty’ then link somewhere else.

Thank you again.

If you’re fine with just searching a list than there is a field in the list options that says something like “If no results are found” you can change that field to show specific images or text if no results are found.