Check database for value?

Is it possible to check the database for spesific values, and then perform an action from the results?
Let me try to explain with an example:
Lets say that in your local doctor´s office, there is an iPad that lets you book an appointment. But for that to work, you need to be registered as a client. So, there is an input field that you can enter your phone number, and a button that should take you to the next screen. The next screen should then differ if the client is allready registered or not.
So, is it possible to search the “Client” collection for the phone number, and take action accordingly ?

Hi @Neccer,

You can use All {collection name} > Count and add a filter.

Like this that Victor did in is one of video for duplicates! : Adalo Hints: how to prevent from creating duplicate records in the collection - YouTube

Thank you

Cheers! That works fine. I need to learn how to use the filters and count better. I see they can work well in many situations

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