Verified text and handle of a different color in a list

Hi, I have a question. A new component, the verified text, has recently been added to the marketplace. Does anyone have an idea of how to replicate the Twitter style? Having the full name, verified text, handle, and post time on the same line but with different colors?

I have tried many ways, including using two different lines of text, but the problem is that in custom lists, unfortunately, the handle (if put on two different lines) always appears in the same position and does not follow the Full Name (which is sometimes longer or shorter). To understand what I mean, you can just take a look at Twitter, which has Full Name + verified + handle and post time in different colors

Not sure if it will help but I’ve started using the html block for formatted text. I create it in a draft post first then paste the raw code into the html block.

Do you have any example? However, the problem would still remain with the verified badge

Not the best example but this is an h2 and paragraph text in one of my apps

There’s very likely a way to sort the badge as well

Got you, but unfortunately that’s not a list. l show you the problem with my interface and what l mean if l add the handle close the verified text

Where you see the ‘x’, the handle + the creation date should be positioned, which, as you can see, would unfortunately result in varying lengths.

The bigger issue is, for example, if a guy’s name is ‘Mark’ and I position the handle after the verified badge, the location would be too far away compared to all the other full names in the list. I don’t know if I explained myself well

Hey @Pcdl @Chapperzzz,

I made the verified text component. I might be able to include the option to add a handle.

It would be fantastic, thank you for the response because it’s quite a problem. If you’re interested, I can give you some ‘tips’ on how to do it well. Firstly, make sure that the handle can be customized with different colors from the Full Name and the verified badge. It would be really nice to be able to include the post creation date with the same color as the handle, like Twitter does. Check out the example of my app, but it must be all in one line. Another fantastic thing would be to be able to set a maximum length for the name and handle (because sometimes users put unpronounceable names and ruin the feed’s design).

Moreover, I would be willing to pay for a feature like this. I have been trying to solve this issue for two months now, but I have not been able to find a better solution than the one I have already come up with.

Thank you for your support. I am sure that this ‘improvement’ would help many others who, like me, are in the same situation, and would significantly enhance what is already a great component

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Everything you asked for has been noted. Will start working :slight_smile:

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I thank you for your continuous support to the community. I am sure that with these improvements, more ‘social apps’ will be created. You should know that I am a designer, and one of the big limitations I have encountered with many clients over the years has been reproducing the graphics of Twitter or Instagram, for the reasons I mentioned before. Before you came along to solve the problem of the verified text, it was almost impossible to create a well-made social feed.

I have a question, how long does it take to make such changes?

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Since this component doesn’t require a lot of work it’ll probably take 1-2 days to change and test. Then 1-2 weeks in review.

Wow, this is fantastic, I can’t wait to see it. I already know that you will do a great job. In case you have any doubts, I’m always available. It would be nice to create it in the style of Twitter (which is the most applicable design for any app and social feed), so we could just look at them and we’re good to go.


Noted, thanks for the support!

The new version of Verified Text is now live!

Hey can you maybe make something that you can disable the badge on and off if like something is set in database? (using list)

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@canel added to the list. Will let you know when it’s available.

Hey, would it be possible to add a multi-line option and insert a character limit for Full Name and date? Me and some friends have been experiencing some bugs with the new verified text for weeks now, one of the most “annoying” being that the text box contracts too much, causing visual bugs within the app. It would be nice if it worked like the normal text component (where if you input something with magic text, even if there are many options, the box remains the same size and you can adjust it). I wanted to ask if anyone is experiencing any issues with the Android version.

That’s a cool idea too, adding the option to upload your own verified image would be nice.

@James_App_Maker hi, any news?