How to add verified text component for specific users

i am using verified text component but this is going for all users i need it only for specific users , anything i can do fo it

Hi @lohit,

Can you explain your request a bit more? You want, which people to show the component?

Thank you

Hi @lohit
As for all the components, you may define them to be displayed under a condition:


This condition can be a User’s flag (true/false) or any other parameter that is equal, not equal or contains a certain reference value. It can be also the value of an input field placed on another app’s screen.

So for example in your case you might define (or maybe you’ve it already :slight_smile: ) a boolean field called “isVerifiedUser” based on the value of which you will show the “verified text” component.

Hope it helps,

Hi @enricomilani i can choose witg sometime visible but the catch is if i dont need verified for someuser it should show thier full name alone. Is tgere anything i can do like that if the verified is true show the verified component or else show only name

You can do it with a number property. Make a number property in user collection called verified and assign a number for the person you want to verify(for example 1) then go to the visibility and make it only visible if user>verified is equal to 1. If you don’t want to verify a user make a normal text filed under the verified text field and make the visibility only visible if user>verified is not equal to 1.

Hope this helps!

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