Vertical Sliders

Is there a way to make the Sliders vertical? They are always orientated horizontal. I am not referring to the picture sliders but the basic bar sliders. Where you can slide back and forth.

thanks for any suggestions.

I don’t think it exists yet, but @Michael seems good at following the forum and bringing something out rapidly sometimes.

I’ve seen vertical progress, vertical number picker, so vertical slider would be a great add on.

You guys are lucky! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

VisualDev Studio (@knight) created a component for Vertical Swipe!

See the Demo :
( Go to the Paid Tab and search for Vertical Swiper! )

Thank you


Well done Dilon,

It’s hard to keep track of them all hey.

I check it out thank you.

I have some extra time tonight and tweak the component

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sure just like the middle one. and have it just stop at 3 positions. both ends and middle. with no numbers showing. . in other words if the slider went 0 to 100. have it just jump to 0 then 50 then 100.


i will buy it if you can have it do that. Also have seen several others ask for the same thing vertical version. thank you

sounds confuse.

something like this?

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yes exactly. thank you I will go get it.