🐒 Vertical Video | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey Everyone,

There’s a new component from NoCode Monkey!! :monkey:

:point_right:Vertical Video

  • Video Player adjusts to screen height
  • Background video mode
  • Works with .mp4 files
  • Compatible with Adalo’s database.
  • Save video on Adalo and play.

See Demo

Time Picker (28)


Brilliant work!

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@ProU Thanks!!

I cant get vimeo link to play. Are there instructions for linking to .mp4?

So a straight Vimeo link is probably not going to work.
You need to use a .mp4 link

You can do this in a few ways.

  1. Upload the .mp4 file to Adalo using the File uploader. (the url will then be a .mp4 link)
  2. Add a .mp4 url from somewhere else.


I used your vertical component for an ios app. It works fine with the preview but not on iOS.
Is there a specific size to use for your component ?

I used the defaut size for the component and i have a white area at the bottom on my iPhone 12 pro:

And the video can go up and down if you try to scroll on it.

@Michael any idea ?

Is there any plan to support .mov files?

I have some on my AWS but they won’t play on the component I just bought

I am having an issue when playing any vertical videos, if I navigate away from the video, then quickly navigate to another screen then app crashes suddenly