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Hey there! Having a bit of trouble getting ANY video links to work in Vertical Video Player! I have used youtube, dropbox, even the file uploader in adalo and got the link. It is in the vertical aspect ratio. It doesn’t register the video.

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Does that video is in mp4 format? I guess the component works with mp4 files.I have not used the component but if you could provide some info about your attempts with some screenshots maybe I could help! And tagging the creator ( @Michael ) too that can and will help here :facepunch: And the makers who uses this component also welcome to help here :raised_hands: ( @Mohammed )

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Yes, the video is in MP4 and under 50MB. I in this video I try to use the links for the same video in three different upload locations, Adalo Uploader, Google Drive, and Youtube. The Component doesn’t seem to like any of them. @Michael

Thanks Daniel for the video!

  • The first will not work ( Adalo dB one ) because it’s not a video URL and it’s the URL of where that uploaded file stored. Does the video data is passing to that screen where this component located? If it is you can add current video > new property > URL with magic text in the video URL field in the component.

  • About the 2nd one ( Google drive one ) I’m not sure if it’s supported. Just to see that, could you try formatting the URL like this? : ( after you copy the URL you getting like this right? ( ) In that URL cut the view?usp=share_link part after the / and then add preview )

  • About the 3rd one ( YouTube one ) also I’m not sure if it’s supported. Just to check that, could you try making that video public and try again? Or after doing that could you try formatting the URL like this? : ( cut the part after the // and add in that space. )

Yes, none of these links will work.
They must all explicitly end with .mp4

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Thanks Mohammed for the info! So if a maker uploads a video file into the database and connect the component with that file > URL with magic text the component should show the video right?

Thank you both for your help! @dilon_perera @Mohammed

I got the correct link and working. I now have the issue of other components (Button/Image) not showing on top of the background video. No matter how the components are arranged (Front/Back) it will not show other components on the same screen as Vertical Video Component.

Any ideas?

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False alarm team! I have figured it out. Had to group the components and fix it to the bottom

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Sorry for the late reply! Happy that you have solved it! Good Luck!

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