Very confused about Math & Custom Formulas

In the Youtube video about Math & Custom formulas, posted by Adalo, the narrator explains how several math operations are done regarding a trip application.

In the video it seems like the math is happening on the Trip Details screen.

At the top of that screen the video shows several fields that respectively show: Total Activity Cost, Average Activity Cost, Number of Travel Party Members and Cost Per Person. Then below that there is a form box with a text label that says Tip Amount and below that is another field that says Total w/Tip.

WhatI can’t figure out or understand is, what are these fields? Are these lists? or 1 custom list with a 1 field form for the tip amount to be entered? If this is a custom list, what is it a list of?

I would really appreciate some clarity on this so that I can hopefully get a grasp of how to perform math on an app in Adalo.

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