Math - pricing calculator, booking system

I am very. new to Adalo (yesterday.) What I do not see is how you would create something a booking system and pricing calculator. For example you sell something for $100.00 and someone wants four of them. How and where are the tools to do the math for this. It seems like such a simple tool. Does Adalo have this as a native function? Any help or point would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Fliicky

I strongly recommend you check Adalo’s documentation. This is covered there (here).

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thank you. Like I said , I am brand new here and I did look, but did not see it.

Welcome to the community what I would do would be like this.

The service or product has a price, when the user selects or creates an order or an order item and you can put a number input that says how many units … then you make a mathematical formula that is price * input … there you can have the price…

Thank you…I am gonna play around with it a bit.

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