Video player still works when we are in the next screen


When we are in the following screen, the video still running and we hear its sound, we tried to solve this problem on the settings of the video player component but without success.

Hope you help us as soon as possible.


Hi Karim,

Is this happening on the PWA or within a native build? Android/iOS?

What browser / device are you using?

Hi Colin,

This happening on the PWA and Android and iOS, all platforms and all browsers (chrome, opera…).

The intro screen contains a video player, when this video is played and i go to the next screen (login screen) the video still running, but when i log in and i’m in the home screen the video stops playing.

Hello Colin,

Any news ?

I have submitted the issue to the engineering team and it will be prioritised and fixed as soon as possible.

Ok, thank you Colin.

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