Audioplayer: Is "Continue playing on other screens" functional?


I have been working with the Audio player for a bit and everything is working fine - except one thing:
I’d like it to keep playing when the users moves to other screens.
There is also a switch that can be toggled on/off for “Continue playing on other screens”. However, it does not work for me and the song will stop immediately when I change screen.
Is that option operational?

Thank you!

Hi @Phil :wave:

It says this works on native apps. I think it’s not working on PWA’s.


Thank you

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Hi Dilon,

Thanks for the reply. I guess that means it does not work in preview mode?
However, it also does not seem to work, when I use it on my phone.
Would it work if it was downloaded directly from an app store?

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Your welcome Phillip :+1:

Yeah It’s not working on preview ( PWA ). And if you add your app to the home screen ( PWA) not working. Because it’s PWA.

So when you build a native build of your app then it will work. For test you can upload your app on TestFlight for IOS and for the Google there’s a one but I can’t remember that. If I found it I will post it here.

And if you publish the app on stores then it will work ( Native ).

Hope it helps !

Thank you

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Great- That was the answer I was looking for! Thanks!

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Happy to help you and Your Welcome :+1:

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