Viewing PDFs from a collection not working in Web View

Hi! I’ve seen some posts saying it was possible to load and view PDFs from an Adalo collection and view them in the Web View component. I can’t seem to get this to work however. Is this still possible?

I have a collection of PDFs that can be uploaded by the user and the collection is in File format.

I’ve added a Web View component.

I’m trying to use the magic text in the web view component to find Current Level > PDF Collection > URL, but my PDF collection is not in the list. The collection appears for other components, such as lists, but why can’t I find it for the web view component?

If you’ll not manage to do this by Adalo, you can use component pdf viewer.

See working demo Demo of Adalo App with Adalo Document Viewer Component - YouTube

You can install it from Adalo Component Marketplace

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