Voice note feature and calls

Hello everyone! I’m currently setting up a messaging application (chat), and I need to add the voice note feature (allow users to send voice messages like on WhatsApp) and also insert the call functionality to manage calls between users, similar to WhatsApp. Could you guide me on how to achieve this? Since I haven’t seen this functionality in Adalo, I would like to know if there are APIs that can handle this.

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cosmith.io has voice recording component I think.
There are some options for video calls too - Video Chat by Daily.

An API alone won’t enable calling, you’ll need a component. I don’t think Adalo is the platform for this, as I don’t think you will be able to activate the ringer on the other devices.

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Thank you for your response. Could you please guide me on how to find the integration of voice notes in my application?

Thanks, i see the link

Start with a chat template and add a file field to the message collection. Store your voice chat in there.

Get the component for voice memo, and put it all together.


I am in the process of creating a mini social network, and here is how I establish relationships in Adalo: Discussions and Messages. Here are the relationships: Discussion → Users (Many-to-Many, a discussion can have multiple users, and a user can have multiple discussions), Discussions → Messages (One-to-Many, a message can belong to only one discussion, but a discussion can have multiple messages), and finally Message → Users (One-to-Many, a user can have multiple messages, and a message belongs to one user).



in the second screen current user not showing… i don’t know how to solve that issue

Happy to help answer any questions if you end up using the Daily video chat component, here’s a little more about how it works.

It currently doesn’t support audio only but you can have all sorts of video conversations

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