Wallapop chat clone

Hi everyone,
I want to make an wallapop chat clone, where one person talk to another with the product image on the chat. How can I do this on adalo?

Hi @ramonroca ,

Conversation collection can be linked to product collection, so whenever a user choose to chat with seller in the product page, it can just grab the product image.

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Yongki is a legend creating Chat System with Adalo! He will help here for you sure!

But just thought to add a video that I helped a maker with this feature! ( Chat with Seller )
In here there’s no image that you can build a relationship between the Products collection and Conversations collection as Yongki mentioned and on the create action add current product there and for the image component add current conversation > product > image!

And this video is based on the Seller. Like if the dude seller posted three products and the bro user started chatting going to the first product and when he goes to the other two products he see the chat button to open the existing chat! You can make this for each product and when the user views each product that user has to start chatting and when that user view that product again the other button show to open that existing chat!

Thank you

Hi Dilon,
Do you have this template to clone ir, it would be great!!!

Will talk this via DM!