Wallet funding for Adalo subscriptions

Please can you include a wallet under billing where users can add funds from $5 upwards into their accounts, some countries have challenges making payments due to the spending limit on master’s cards imposed on us.

Example of a challenge that i have: if I want to buy something above $50 dollars online, I have to register a dollar account and also have to go to the black market to buy dollars for vendors then go back to the bank to use it to fund my account,

Having a wallet where we can add funds on flutter flow and use it to renew our subscription would make it easier for users in order countries that have a monthly spending limit, making it easy for us not to go to the black market and buy from dollar sellers.

Example: I have 3 master cards and since my country has a spending limit of $20 per card in a month, I would be able to split my payment by adding funds in the wallet using the 3 cards with the aid of the wallet before using the funds to subscribe.

Please can you help out because I’m unable to subscribe due to the spending limit and if I were to go to the black market to buy dollars my business would run at a loss, a lot of startups are facing this issue

Umar, where are you from ? Let me know I’ll help you out.

You must be from Nigeria. I had the same issue too. The way I resolved it is…instead of going through the hassles of applying for a dollar account, download Barter by flutterwave from the app stores create a virtual dollar account for free. Can be done in 60secs, fund your dollar wallet from your bank app and pay for subscription. You can also spend over $10,000 daily. The only issue is, their dollar rate is at black market price. Still fair enough.

Thanks Mr, Endieumunna

I just tried Barter App, and I was able to solve the issue

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