I need help on upgrade

Kindly help out on the plan upgrade.

I have more than $100 in my account yet I get a response of insufficient funds for 1 monthly subscription plan of $50.

Please help out

Funny enough, I upgraded 5 days ago but I noticed that I get downgraded back to the free plan every 24hrs while I have published my app on the playstore with users presently using the app.

I am back to the free plan and this time around, Adalo keeps telling me I have insufficient funds and lock me out for 24 hrs after 3 trials.
All my clients are complaining at the moment as they cannot create any record on the App

This is not a situation that we can help you with here on the forum.

Kindly submit a ticket to Adalo for help with this.

Whoa!!.. You’re an Expert now. Congrats;)

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