Want to create a list that refreshes every 24 hours - how do I do it?

Hi, I am making a to-do list app.

Using this app, every time I complete a task on my list, I click the “check” button so it shows that the task has been completed.

However, I need to do those tasks everyday. Thus, I want those “checks” to be refreshed every 24 hours.

So everyday I wake up, the list gets refreshed and I can start “checking” my tasks again. Eg: Everyday I wake up and click “Workout: Check” and after the day ends, the check mark goes off making me ready for the next day’s workout.

I am unable to find how I can make refreshing lists? Is there a way? Please help.

Thank you.

Hi @electronsmoothie ,

This is called batch processing, to do this we need countdown component inside list.

I suggest you search and watch videos related to it in this forum.

But as a guideline, using the same or other screen, set custom list to be visible if start of today is greater than last unchecked date (this could be in parent collection of this child to do collection)

This custom list is to do collection and put countdown inside it that have an action to update current to do to be unchecked.

And set auto refresh (in advanced options at the left panel) in the list that display to do list, no need for custom list above.

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