Want to know more about adalo pro

Hello, I am new to Adalo and I have a few questions and I hope you will be able to help me with that.

  1. When I buy adalo pro to publish the app on play store and AppStore, Once the app is published do I need to have adalo pro to keep the apps functioning or once the app is published having adalo pro is not necessary?
  2. And whenever I want to make an update to the app that is published on the play store, If I make the changes in adalo will the updates be automatically pushed to the app on the play store or will I have to push the update in some other way?
  3. I am making the app for a third party, is it possible to do that and if yes then, how do I hand over the app and the backend part of the app that is on adalo?

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

  1. No you do not need an active subscription with Adalo to keep your app in the store. However, you would need an active subscription to be able to build a new version to update that app in the store.

  2. Similar to above, you will need to create a new build within Adalo for all changes not database related. Then you will need to go through the stores release flow.

  3. you can do this by following these steps:

  • Have them add you to their Adalo organization
  • Make sure they’re on a paid plan (if you were)
  • Go into the app settings, and you should see an “Organization” dropdown
  • Change the organization to the new one - and probably reload the page
  • Add their organization’s users to the app - this doesn’t happen automatically
  • Have them remove you from the app & from the team - optional

Thank you for your help!

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