Warning about deleting a post

Is there a possibility to add a question to all posts when deleting (are you sure yes or no?) automotically, at once vzede in all posts?

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Hello, how are you, of course … if you want to confirm delete a single thing.

You put a button that says delete … when the user clicks there you can open a modal that says … are you sure you want to delete current post name?
and added two buttons one that says NO and link to back and another with YES with an action that is delete current publication and a back action.

If you want to delete all together, you can also … only you have to do some functions that I can show you

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Yes, I know about the modal window, but I have many kinds of different posts and I was hoping that such a modal window is registered in the program automatically. I just didn’t want to repeat this procedure manually many times. But thanks for your answer.

It’s just that I’m not understanding what you’re looking for… if you’re looking to select many, many publications and with a single button delete them all together if you can too.

Is that what you are looking for?

You can make a collection that is DELETE in a many-to-many relationship to the posts.

To the publication you put a Button that when selecting you send that publication to the delete collection

On a screen you put a list to delete and there are the products you selected … there you put a countdown with a count of 1 or 2 seconds … when it reaches zero … delete current publication

Another way to do it:

In the Publications collection you add a number property ( Cod )

When the publication is published you put in cod 1 and put a delete button in the list of publications that when clicked updates the publication cod to 2

On the delete screen you make a filtered list of posts that cod=2 … you put a cuntodown and the same process.

And to know if you have things to delete in your menu you can put as a garbage can that counts the publications to be deleted (Publications>count (filter: cod=2) … and with visibility that is sometimes if publications>count (cod=2) is greater than 0

There are many ways to play In Adalo… I hope these options will help you

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