Web App for the manga anthology I founded

Using adalo I created the site for Pulse Manga. Pulse is an indie manga publishing company publishing series from mangaka all over the world! All of our content is FREE to read, the site has various functions that allow users to interact with one another, as well as their favorite creators. the site has a mobile and desktop view as well.
Website link


Amazing…Love it

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great work :+1:

I believe you are showing the images as is without compression our size reduction, sine in some screens the images are taking some time to show
If you add some compression it will help a lot to make the experience much smoother
good luck

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is there an easy way to accomplish this?

Yes, you need to select URL as image source and pass parameters for the required width and quality like this

adalo image compress

width can be whatever you want, q is for quality

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thanks I’ll try that out!