Web View Reading Pane Possible?

I’m trying to create a web view with a list that displays records next to it similar to how outlook has a reading pane. Anyone do this?

Are you essentially just trying to have 2 components next to each other? What is the challenge that you’re having?

I’m trying to have a scrolling list on the left. That when you select a list item it dynamically shows you all data about that list item on the right. I have sort-of built this with two screens that are overlaid. Just looking for a better way. I’m also trying to make the screen a fixed size that scrolls, but the list on the left forces the entire screen to scroll.

You can group all the components on the right and then set them to fixed top (look in the edit styles oval on the left slider). Then for the data to update on the right you’ll need to have an action on the list that will link to a blank screen with no transition and then a screen action on that screen which will link back to this screen with the new data displayed on the right.

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