2 scrollable regions on the same screen?

I’m trying to put 2 separate scrollable lists on the same screen with a divider in the center. The lists do NOT need to interact with each other, but i do want them on the same screen. What options do i need to fix to make sure my top list doesnt expand past the divider (yet can still scroll) and my bottom list can’t scroll up past the divider? I’ve tried so many different combinations of visibility as well as “fixed: top / bottom / none”. Is what i want to achieve possible?

You can achieve this with the “Scrollable list” component by NoCode Monkey

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Is this achievable WITHOUT paying for something that I may or may not end up using :slight_smile:

It is not achievable without it. That’s why @Michael created the component in the first place.

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Is it possible to only have the bottom list and have the top component be fixed? Let’s say the top component was an image carousel or static text, could I have 1 list at the bottom of the screen below the divider that didn’t scroll above the divider? or does any list in adalo have to scroll all the way to the top of the screen?

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