Website Source Code visible

Dear colleagues,
I remember the html source code of your adalo website not to be shown if someone is using google’s developer tool, which you can access on every website with just a right mouse click.

But today I discovered, that the html code is visible to everyone. And if you copy this code and paste it in a html-embeder it shows you the website with the adalo watermark and I think this is pretty bad for someone who is paying full price plan.

How can this be fixed? It’s an urgent question, because this can cause high risk loss on both sides, each adalo and it’s user’s clients.

Hi, @King_junior

Do you have this turned off in the settings of your app?


Hi @King_junior,

Just in case: HTML code of any website will be visible in the browser’s developer console.

However, in modern web frameworks (Adalo included) HTML code is mostly generated dynamically by backend and frontend scripts, where the logic of the webapp is implemented. These scripts use data from the backend database to populate frontend contents. Also these scripts are responsible for processing user inputs and changing data in the backend accordingly.

Long story short - having an HTML code of the page brings no value, because without all other logic and data it is useless.


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