Adalo Web - Google Adsense using HTML Render?

I know there isn’t any adsense component but wondering if we could potentially embed it using the NoCoder HTML Render for Adalo web projects? Has anyone tried this?

@knight - I think you developed this component, do you think it’s possible?


  1. It won’t work because the HTML renderer cannot use script tags. You can use the Better WebView on the PF Marketplace.
  2. It won’t work because your app would be rejected from the store. You cannot use AdSense in a WebView inside an App (99.99% certain, but feel free to give it a whirl).

What is wrong with the AdMob component in the marketplace? AdMob is AdSense for Native.

Oh wait, you want to use this on a web/pwa? My bad, Better WebView from here

will work.

Here is a quick example of how you would use it, rather than a tweet you would use the AdSense code


@TKOTC This is awesome Steven. Thanks so much, I will check this out! :+1:

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