Webview Chat - Keyboard hiding the chat display while typing

Hello there,

I have integrated a webpage containing a chat widget into my android mobile app using webview component.

When I tried to type something, the keyboard opens up and fills half the page and hides the chat messages. Also, I am not able to see what I am typing since the keyboard hides it.

This is not the case using opening the webpage link in mobile chrome. Please check the images below.

Image from the browser -
Check out how the chat component goes up and keyboard component not hiding the chat window.

Image from the mobile app
One cannot see “Type your message” box and send button at all

Question - How can I avoid this? How can I have the webpage behave similarly (Mobile Chrome vs Mobile App)?

Is this a webview component issue, webpage issue or chat widget issue? I couldn’t able to figure it out myself : (

This functionality is simply different between web and mobile and it will also differ depending on your phones setting and which keyboard it uses. I’m afraid there is not much we can do on our side for this.

Thanks for the input @Colin.

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