Webview via proxy

Just trying Adalo here, seems flexible, but am wondering if I can build a proxied webview
So if am making tab 1 , tab 2
Say Tab 1 for US visitors, when they click on it, it loads my webview but via a specified proxy I setup on my side
Is this possible ?
I read android has such a library, are these implemented or similar solution is available ?

Hi @promex
It would need a couple of screens to route the user but you could in theory get the location via one of the IP address components, then navigate to screen 1 for US visitors.

There are no tabs in android, just screens…you can create dummy tabs by using multiple screens.

IP components gets their address only ? I want the webview itself to use a proxy ( similar to what a browser proxy setting use ) but sure my own dedicated squid server for this screen
The webview tab seem to just have link fields.

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