What business skills do you wish you were better at?

Answering the question, I guess i’ve got good design and workflow skills on Adalo, but i have for sure to improve my APIs knowledge to be more efficient with AirTable, Zapier etc.


As per the current scenario, digital marketing is the best skill for business because with this method you can able to start your own business with this technique.

Persistence and motivation. With everyone having busy lives and trying to block out all the troubles in the world, it can be hard to stay motivated and persistent when working solo with the task of doing designing/building/market design & strategies, etc, etc.

I think some videos talking about simply hanging in there and seeing yourself over the line could be great. Also some videos talking about the pros & cons of taking on everything solo vs working with a co-founder or small team.

I’m on it!


Hi Briggsy and Everyone,

Not a motivational video but like to share a video that motivated me as Don’t Give Up!

The Video (America Extreme) :

This person ( Aaron Wheelz ) failed on his first chance. But he didn’t gave up and he did it again for the 2nd chance and finally he did it!

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Also depends on how much training you want to do.

Evernote is good example ( I think) of an app that started easy to use. And note taking has a huge market. Thus, one would think it would become easier to use over time. Didn’t happen.

I think the difference between easy and difficult is slight, but oh-so important.

As a non-coder, Adalo, I think, is super basic & easy to use 20% of it’s features. But, has a steep, quick, drop-off into complexity. I am sure I could advance a lot more, even quicker, if it was easier to use / better UI, or taught better. (or perhaps other issues - as a newbie, difficult for me to say / understand completely)

But, like you said, depends on your market

I think that it is awesome that you are caring for users in this way. Fantastic!

not trying to shoot the messenger here… or, go off-topic…

However, I caution about spreading Adalo resources too thin(ly), too early. PLEASE focus on making Adalo easy, stable, and great for App building for NO-CODERS, first.

Right now, I feel like “no-code” doesn’t mean easy for non-coders.

Instead, to me, it just means: no-code is faster for coders.

I hope Adalo makes no-code, easy for non-coders. That is what I want to pay for.

Marketing and designing Both !!